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Paul's Keyboard Lessons

Paul provides keyboard lessons in addition to acoustic and electric guitar.


Many students end up having traditional piano lessons which are based in classical music, sight reading sheet music and hard going theory and grades, Paul plays and teaches rock and pop style keys , which is all about learning chords and playing your favourite songs very quickly!


Paul's keyboard and piano lessons consist of learning to play in a rock and pop style that is more suited to bands and artists like Coldplay, Queen, Adele, ABBA , Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Journey, Taylor Swift, Elton John to give some examples.


Paul will design a lesson plan that is fun and enjoyable when learning the keys that will include all your own favourite songs! 


If you are interested in learning to play songs on the keys , Paul makes it all about the playing YOUR favourite tunes in the chord rhythm videos to follow...

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