About Paul's Guitar Lessons 


If you are just getting started with the guitar, Paul's lessons will put you on the right path to playing songs and enjoying how to make music with your instrument.


He has a patient and friendly manner with many years of teaching experience, to help you feel comfortable and at ease if you have only just become interested in taking your first steps towards learning to play.

You will learn to play the first basic guitar chords, how to strum and change between the various shapes, building up confidence in rhythm playing and strumming/picking along to your favourite songs!  

  Intermediate players

If you have been playing the guitar for some time and need some direction and advice with how to improve further, Paul will set out a programme of lessons and exercises designed to help you with your own particular goal.


This could be anything from fingerpicking, lead guitar techniques, theory and improvising.


Above all, Paul will always structure your lesson around YOUR favourite music and bands/artists.

Each person has their own taste in different styles of guitar music, so it's very important to make progress in the right and relevant areas.


Paul will design a set of lessons for each individual student based on the styles they wish to play and improve with.


With many years performing in bands and teaching the instrument at all levels, Paul has the experience and know how to help you move forward with your playing.

 Advanced Players 

Paul's advancing guitar students are those musicians who have a specific target.


This typically would be areas like improvising, advanced lead guitar techniques and solos found in Rock, Pop ,Blues, Jazz, Fingerstyle and chord melody.


Paul will set out pre planned exercises and practise routines that will help to improve your preferred playing style even further... 

Advanced Playing Example - Mombasa - Tommy Emmanuel