Wedding Ceremony

Paul will play acoustic guitar or piano as your guests arrive in the wedding venue. He will perform a song of your choice for the bridal entrance, then play your favourite songs during the signing of the registry. As you take your first steps together as a newly married couple, Paul will play you down the aisle with an uplifting song to close the ceremony and begin the celebrations!

Drinks Reception

Paul is able to perform a live acoustic guitar and piano set with vocals during the afternoon part of your special day. As your guests relax and the wedding photos are being taken, Paul will play soulful background music at comfortable volume to create a lovely 'chilled' atmosphere and add a really special touch to your wedding day! What could be better than having an intimate acoustic 'gig' before the evening meal and speeches.

Evening Parties

If you are having an intimate or smaller wedding/event, often a full four or five piece wedding band is unsuitable and expensive! 'Citizens' are a two piece acoustic themed band that play at weddings, gigs and evening celebrations.

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