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Example Lesson Videos

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

On this page you will be able to view examples of the material that Paul teaches to his various levels of guitar students. 

There are three categories of playing which are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Paul's lessons are always designed around songs, because they provide the best template for covering everything that each person will want to play.


Often this will range from a beginner who wants to strum their acoustic guitar and play fairly easy songs, to a player who wants to explore the instrument in depth and learn to develop their skills to the highest level.


Paul's guitar lesson programme is designed to each student's individual taste and preferred style of playing.

The videos presented on this page are demonstrations of the various playing techniques and styles that Paul covers in his lessons.

That's Entertainment
Wish You Were Here
Blackbird (2)
Free Falling
Fast Car
Here Comes The Sun