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 About Paul's Music              

Paul began playing the guitar all the way back in 1983, in his teenage years he began to discover a love for playing the instrument which would lead to him playing guitar with various local cover bands covering a wide range of musical styles.

Over the years Paul has gained vast musical experience touring and  playing with other professional  musicians and he continues to perform at regular gigs, festivals and events.

As a regular gigging musician Paul decided to use his playing experience and know how to good use and begin a teaching career.


He was approached by Rathmore Grammar School back in 2005 to take up a tutor's position at the school working in the busy school music department and he is still working at the school fifteen years later!. 


During this period he has gained invaluable teaching experience, coaching Rockschool and Trinity College of Music grades and he has  supervised school music productions and continues to provide encouragement and advice to the young music students. 


In addition to teaching at Rathmore, Paul has a regular set of private students who contact him directly via this website to make an appointment, he would love to hear from you and help you move forward with your guitar playing journey! 

Paul Playing Live

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